Tub to Shower Conversion

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Most youngsters these days prefer a walk-in shower over a tub. It’s quick, easy to get in and out, and most importantly, safe when you are in rush. It is especially true for elderly or disabled individuals.


Moreover, a glass-walled walk-in shower makes your bathroom overall look large and modern. So, if you are looking for Best Bathroom Renovators in New York, Granex Kitchen is here at your service.


Things You Must Keep In Mind While Converting To Shower from Bathtub:


  1. Demolition
  2. Waterproofing the wall and floor
  3. Choosing the right tile for the wall and floor
  4. Labor cost
  5. Procurement of high-quality raw material
  6. Correct installation


How Would You Know What Tile Suits Your Bathroom The Best?


Experts trust tiles the most for today’s modern bathrooms because they won’t warp or stain from constant moisture. However, there are various types of tiles available in the market – in all shapes, styles, patterns, textures, and colors! So, how would you find out which one fits the best! Here’s a guide:


Non-Porous and Easy-to-Clean


The tile or the stone you are choosing must be non-porous, not to mention, easy to clean. No one has time to clean the shower stall on a weekday and you do not want to return home to a stained bathroom at the end of a hard and tiring day. So, try ceramic and porcelain tiles. They are cost-effective and non-porous.




Your budget plays a huge role in the choice you’re making. For instance, There was a time when only a handful of people could afford glass tiles. However, over the last few years, with the drop in the price of glass tiles, the demand for them has skyrocketed. For modern, contemporary bathrooms, glass tiles are the perfect fit. The glassy effect reflects the light and makes the bathroom look bigger.


Doesn’t Stain Quickly


If the tile or stone you chose and spent so much money into quickly loses its shine and starts chipping then you clearly hadn’t done your research quite well. For instance, in the early days, though marble gives your bathroom the high-end look, it is prone to staining and needs regular maintenance. So, you should rather invest in Onyx, Quartzite, and Travertine. Not to mention, quartzite is the hardest natural stone after diamond.



How Can We Help?


If you don’t have much knowledge about stones and tiles or don’t have so much time to invest, rely on experts. We can proudly say that Granex Kitchen is New York’s Most Trusted Bathroom and Kitchen Renovators. Our team of designers can help you make the right choice, keep you on budget, and design your dream room. Also, our team of trusted and licensed handyman can do the heavy and messy work of demolition and installation, and make the renovation hassle-free for you.

So, give us a call for a free in-home consultation to discover how our state-of-the-art process of converting your old and impractical bathtub into a stylish walk-in shower can completely transform this space.

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