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Have you been looking to redesign and redefine your bathroom? Well, you find a solution to your problems at GranexKitchen. As one of the leading bathroom remodeling companies in New York City, we offer a wide range of customization options that suit different preferences and styles. That way, we can always meet your personal needs and taste.

When working on a project, we employ a unique approach to make the whole process a whole lot easier with as little distraction as possible. Once we are done, we always welcome you to witness the results of exceptional skills and outstanding work of art, with an assurance that you will instantly fall in love with the results. Granex Kitchen provides you with the best bathroom remodel in Long Island.

Even though every project is different, we divide each project into three different phases for easier management and increased attention to detail. The three main phases of each project are:








    Here is a closer look at each one of these three phases


    The Company You Can Trust

    This is the first and one of the most important phases of any one of our projects. This step mainly involves determining what is best for your bathroom depending on its unique layout. We divide this phase further into 4 different steps for an even more detailed approach:

    1. Bathroom measurement
    Once we have taken over the project, our team of highly skilled technicians will come to your home to take the dimensions of the bathroom. This allows us to focus on the perfect customization of fittings and cabinets in the bathroom.

    2. Layout perfection
    Each bathroom has a unique layout, and this is what we use to determine how to organize your bathroom for optimal functionality and an amazing aesthetic appeal. The layout of your kitchen is what guides us to how we will install the cabinets, backsplash, and fittings. We can offer different layouts for you to choose from depending on the one that pleases you the most.

    3. Choosing the right finish
    It goes without saying that the right finishes for your bathroom will go a long way towards making it a space that makes you feel relaxed and happy. At GranexKitchen, we are always glad to take you through this process, since we have done it countless times with unrivaled precision.

    4. Budget plan
    We respect the idea that each client has a certain budget range that they are comfortable with. As such, we always do our best to ensure that we do everything according to your budget plan. That way, we won’t have a frustrating situation where you’d have to raise more money to enable the completion of the project.
    In addition, we always offer advice to our clients as to how they can tweak their budget to meet different results. That way, you can work with what makes you feel comfortable, and depending on the results that you would like to achieve.


    The Company You Can Trust

    Our showroom has a wide array of products to choose from. In that light, we always guarantee our customers that they will get whatever they need for their bathroom in our showroom. It doesn’t matter whether you are after a traditional or modern look, or even a budget or luxurious impression. The following are the main products that we offer:

    1. Water technology
    We have a wide range of advanced fittings, shower systems, and faucets to meet your bathroom needs.

    2. Floor
    With glass, leather, ceramic, metal, porcelain, and stone flooring to choose from, you have sufficient options to meet your needs and preferences.

    3. Lighting
    We also offer a large assortment of lighting options to help you achieve the desired mood and ambiance in your bathroom.

    4. Plumbing
    If you would like to purchase plumbing fixtures for your bathroom, we can provide what you need from our vast range of products. You can choose from various types of sinks, bidets, tubs, and toilets.

    5. Glass enclosures
    For bathrooms that need an enclosure, we have different kinds to choose from, depending on your budget and style.

    6. Medicine cabinet
    We also have lots of customized medicine cabinets if you need some for your bathroom. The medicine cabinets that we have at GranexKitchen are suitable for different types of lifestyles.

    7. Bathroom accessories
    GranexKitchen is a preferred source of different bathroom accessories such as fans, tissue holders, baskets, and others for many homeowners.

    8. Vanities
    We give you access to a wide variety of aesthetically appealing, and high-quality bathroom sinks, cabinets, countertops, and more.

    9. Luxury items
    When looking to create a luxurious bathroom, we can provide all the luxurious items that you need such as saunas, steam showers, whirlpools, and others.

    After choosing the items that you need for your bathroom, you more than likely will opt to hire experts for the excellent installation results. If that’s the case, we would be glad to help, taking into consideration that we have an expert team for that.


    The Company You Can Trust

    We have a reliable team of installation experts who handle all our bathroom remodeling projects. To ensure customer protection and satisfaction, we only hire professionally trained, certified, and fully insured experts. In addition, our team of experts is made of individuals who have worked in the industry for years. As such, they are sufficiently experienced to handle different kinds of bathroom remodeling projects

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    The Company You Can Trust

    When you choose GranexKitchen for all your bathroom remodeling projects, you choose a contractor that will do whatever it takes to deliver the best results for your project. To stand out from our competitors, we use the most recent technologies and high-quality products coupled with ingenious skills for the best results.
    Every time we complete a project, our clients never shy away from confessing that we have exceeded their expectations. That is why we invite you to get in touch with us today for top-of-the-class services that will transform your bathroom into a space that you could only have dreamed of.

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