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The floor of a house is essentially the foundation for every fixture and piece of furniture. It’s like the base coat for makeup. If you get it right, every other component will automatically fall into its place. However, it’s pretty tricky to choose the right flooring for the right room, whether you are remodeling your old house or building a new one. But don’t you worry. If you’re looking for Flooring Experts in New York, your search ends here – Granex Kitchen, the Leading Floor Installation Experts in New York.


Why Is It So Important to Choose the Right Flooring?

Flooring is such a big investment, one that you have to live with for a long time. So, not only it has to match your style, but also it has to be functional with your lifestyle. For instance, your choice of flooring has to vary with whether or not you have a pet or kids. So the floors need to be scratch-proof. Similarly, the choice of your flooring has to withstand the test of time, moisture and be durable. We know it’s a lot to think about. That’s why our flooring experts are here to guide you. Granex Kitchen provides you with the best bathroom flooring in Long Island.


How to Choose the Right Flooring?

Solid Hardwood Floor

All things considered, nothing can beat the look of a real hardwood floor. It’s so classic and inviting, can warm up any space and it goes with any decorating style. It’ll last forever and can be refinished over and over again. But that is true in a perfect world with an unlimited budget and no maintenance to worry about. But in the real world, solid wood flooring is a nightmare for rooms where the chances of water spillage are high, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. The wood buckles and warps in the humidity. Also, if you live in a place where it’s hot and humid, a solid hardwood floor is a big no-no. Contact us for Best Solid Hardwood Flooring Installation in New York.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is made of a layer of hardwood veneer over several layers of alternating solid wood or plywood. This allows each piece to be more resilient to moisture or heat than solid hardwood. Because of its structure, you are less likely to see buckling or gaping because of humidity and temperature fluctuations. From a price point-of-view, engineered woods are more affordable than solid wood and mostly come within $5-$8/Sq.Ft. Contact us for Best Engineered Wood Flooring Installation in New York.


Tiles are timeless, stand against the test of time, waterproof durable, and relatively low maintenance. Tiles can be used in the whole floorplan or in certain rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, where the chances of spillage are very high. However, when it comes to installation, considering extra materials like cement board, thin-set, grout, saw, and tools and labor charges — suddenly that affordable tile you found isn’t so affordable after all. However, once installed, it lasts a very long time. Contact us for Best Tile Flooring Installation in New York.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl plank is the buzzword for YouTube DIYers these days. There are hundreds and thousands of YouTubers vouching for these vinyl planks, especially if you live in a rental place. These are cheap, come in $1-$2/Sq.Ft, and peel and stick. However, if you’re thinking about using them as investment material in your own house of office space, you must rethink your decision about what’s expected in case you’re reselling. Contact us for Best Luxury Vinyl Planks Installation in New York.


Laminate is the perfect medium between Engineered Wood and Luxury Vinyl Planks. Like Engineered Wood, Laminates are made of composite wood making it durable, and like vinyl, the top layer is a printed photograph of wood under a protective layer of plastic, therefore making it water- and scratch-proof. So, if you are kids and pets at home, don’t be afraid of getting scratch marks from their paws and kids’ toys. They come in so many different colors, and textures. These are durable and low in maintenance too. Contact us for Best Laminate Flooring Installation in New York.


Top 4 Flooring Renovation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistake No. 1 Choosing the Wrong Floor Material

Make this one basic mistake and you’ll regret it all your life (or, at least until you decide to redo the flooring). So, don’t just go to a store and buy what looks shiny and good. Do your homework first. Not flooring materials are suitable for every room in a home. For instance, carpet or solid hardwood flooring or porous stones in rooms that experience more spillage and moisture is not a smart choice. For warmth, coziness, and comfort, carpet is the king for those rooms in the home where peace and quiet are the necessity like bedrooms and dens.

Mistake No. 2 Cutting Cost on the Flooring Material

You are looking for a hardwood look and but can’t afford the price and the hefty maintenance? Do not cut costs and buy something cheap and low quality. Remember we are talking about the foundation of your house. Instead, choose engineered wood or laminate, or even vinyl planks. They come in so many different colors, textures, and price ranges.

Mistake No. 3 Cutting Corners on Installation Cost

Say you have invested in high-quality flooring material, but cut corners on installation, getting it done by an unqualified local handyman or part-time do-it-yourselfer. Chances are you may experience flaws that need to be corrected. And these corrections may cost you more money – whether they are lumps or noticeable seams of the carpet, poorly laid out or cut tiles, or improperly trimmed hardwood. Corrections are expensive. So, if you are looking for an expert finish it’s always best to let professional installers do it. Granex is the best and most trusted flooring installers in New York for any kind of flooring needs.


What do We do?

Whether you need some portions of your flooring replaced or you are redoing the floors throughout your home or business, only a skilled flooring contractor can ensure you the best results. At Granex Kitchen, we’re dedicated to providing excellent flooring service to you, Newyorkers no matter what kind of flooring project you have in mind. Granex Kitchen provides you with the best kitchen flooring in Long Island.

Whether you hire us for your home or your business, our installation and floor repair team is equipped with the expertise to handle nearly any aspect of the flooring. Call us at +1 631-438-1470

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