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The Company You Can Trust

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Start with our new kitchen cabinets from The Granex Kitchen in New York. Whether you are looking for custom cabinets or cabinet refacing, we have a wide selection of cabinets complete with enough storage options and accessories to cater to your family’s busy lifestyle.

From shaker-style to dark brown kitchen cabinets, we have the right cabinets to make your culinary environment more pleasing. We are here to help you create a kitchen you will love by ensuring you get whatever cabinet your heart is set on.

In-stock Kitchen Cabinets

Are you on a tight budget? Or just have a short timeline? We have a whole lot of quality in-stock cabinets designed to suit your taste. You can either pick fully assembled kitchen cabinets or ready-to-assemble options. While shopping, keep in mind that “in-stock” doesn’t always mean “in-store”. It merely means the cabinets are available quickly. All the same, there are various in-store cabinets ready to pick.

In-stock cabinets can be shipped on the next day or anywhere within the next three days. Depending on your order, cabinets can be sent to your home or your job site.

Our in-stock cabinets are inexpensive without sacrificing style and quality – they are strong and durable. You can choose light kitchen cabinets for the upper and dark ones for the lower, or even opt for fresh, on-trend yet timeless colors. For instance, gray and navy cabinets are trending right now.

Whatever you want, browse to look at top-notch door styles from the most trusted brands, including Hampton Bay cabinets. We stock all designs, including unfinished, beadboard, shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Keep it organized with accessories like pullouts and organizational drawers.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

What layout do you want to achieve? With a reasonable budget and timeline, you can change your kitchen’s look and shape with incredibly designed custom kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets are hand-made to perfectly fit your culinary space dimensions without sacrificing quality and charming styles.

Custom cabinets allow you to choose from a vast range of colors and material combinations. If you don’t know your taste, before making an investment, you can order and truly experience incredibly designed cabinets that add a dash of elegance to your kitchen. Interestingly, you can modify every dimension, including cabinet height, depth, and width, for a truly customizable experience. Add decorative and functional elements like glass doors, pull-out shelves, and exquisite molding to fit your mood.

For more information about the costs and timeline of various custom kitchen cabinets, make sure to check our buying guide.

Cabinet Refacing

If your kitchen layout looks great, but with outdated style, cabinet refacing is the ultimate solution to achieve the design your heart is set on. Without necessarily renovating your entire kitchen altogether, consider a mini makeover project like replacing the cabinet doors.

By updating your cabinets’ color and style, you can transform your kitchen cabinets to what your heart desires. Whether stained or gloss cabinets, choose kitchen doors with charming styles, colors, and finishes to transform your kitchen space completely.

Thankfully, cabinets refacing takes shorter than a full kitchen remodel and allows you to use your kitchen and appliances throughout the project. If you are for cabinets refacing, get more details with our cabinet refacing cost guide.

Kitchen Cabinet Extras

We have an extensive selection of cabinet storage options and accessories to fit your taste and, most importantly, your busy lifestyle. Some of the extras we offer include wine cabinets, soft close cabinets, Lazy Susans, corner kitchen cabinets, cutlery organizers, sink-based kitchen cabinets, and kitchen cabinets with drawers.

To help you finish your project, we also stock all tools and necessities, like toe kicks, crowns, end panels, and fillers.

The Granex Kitchen is also a one-stop-shop for kitchen cabinets hardware, sinks, kitchen islands, faucets, and countertops. Consult us on kitchen designs and start your kitchen reno with the help of our designers.

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