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Start your kitchen remodeling journey with a clear picture of what you can expect. Envision your new kitchen with the help of our team of Granex Kitchen’s designers for free. They will advise you on the best and most suitable material for your kitchen. Granex Kitchen provides you with the best countertops in Long Island.





    The 4 Step Remodelling

    Choose your material

    At Granex Kitchen, we have a selection of countertops like Granite, Marble, Limestone, Onyx, Semi-precious stones, Quartzite, Soapstone, Travertine, Quartz, and butcher block. Choose your favorite stone or wood.

    Select your pattern

    Customize your kitchen by choosing the correct shade, color, and pattern of your chosen stone or wood.

    Finalize your design

    Discuss your expectations with our expert countertop designers and once finalized, place your order.

    Get your kitchen counters measured

    Our certified professionals will visit your home to ensure a perfect fit for your kitchen.

    ● Quartz is multi-dimensional and has a gem-like color. It comes with a radiant surface.
    ● Quartz is not harmful to health.
    ● It is low-maintenance, non-porous, heat and scratch-resistant.
    ● The price includes basic installation and a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

    ● Mаrblе is crystallized limеѕtоnе. It is polished to get a mirrоr-finiѕh, which bringѕ more depth in itѕ соlоr and lооkѕ oh so gоrgеоuѕ!
    ● It is known for low impact and stain durability and low resistance to heat and stains.
    ● If properly mаintаinеd, marble can lооk attractive fоr a lifetime.
    ● At Granex Kitchen, we offer a 1-year limited warranty.

    ● Granite countertops can improve your kitchen’s appearance in an instant.
    ● The price varies based on the quality of the stone.
    ● Granite is one of the hardest stones next to a diamond.
    ● It also is heat and stain-resistant.
    ● They come in different colors and shapes. So if you are looking for something unique, granite should be your first choice.

    ● Laminate is designed in a wide variety of colors and finishes that resemble quartz and natural stone.
    ● Laminate countertop material has tremendous value as it resists stains, heat, scratches, and moisture.
    ● The price includes basic installation and a 1-year limited warranty.

    ● Quаrtzitеѕ are the metamorphosed sandstones that are formed in deep inside the earth due to high temperature and pressure.
    ● They are harder than quаrtz, grаnitе, and even ѕtееl.
    ● Compared to granites, quartzite hаs vеrу fewer color variations such as whitе and grey, with black and brown tingеѕ.
    ● Quartzite stones are highlу durаblе, heat- and scratch-resistant countertop material. They look fantastic in the kitchen due to thеir calming shades and flow textures.
    ● The price includes basic installation and a 15-year warranty.

    • Non-porous material produced from a unique blend of refined glass enhanced porcelain, and natural quartz
    • UV-resistant, scratch- and scorch- resistant countertop material highly rated for outdoor use
    • Purchase price includes basic installation and 25-year limited manufacturer warranty.

    Butcher Block Countertops

    Butcher block wood countertops make your kitchen look warm and accommodating. These countertops are one of most affordable countertop materials compared to stone ones. This material is a great match for rustic or farmhouse-themed kitchens. If maintained regularly butcher block countertops will reward you by aging gracefully. But without proper upkeep, they can dull and crack.



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    Browse through Granex Kitchen’s extensive range of ready-to-ship butcher block, solid surface, and laminate countertops.

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